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Production Site Bergkamen/Germany

The US- and EU-approved Supply Center Bergkamen is Bayer AG’s major facility for the production of intermediates, active ingredients and bulk pharmaceutical chemicals for steroid hormones via chemical and microbiological synthesis.

In Bergkamen, we manufacture products for our own use and for third parties. The site is located in the industrial Ruhr region of North Rhine-Westphalia and has excellent transport and infrastructure links. Cutting-edge production technology and highly sophisticated automation – run by a team of committed and highly competent Bayer AG employees – guarantee excellent product quality in full compliance with cGMP and ICH guidelines. The Supply Center is HSE certified with ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 as well as the EMAS.

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World-class standards of development, quality control, engineering, maintenance and a variety of other technical services provide the latest manufacturing technology to meet our customers’ specific needs. The microbiological production facilities feature fermenters with working capacities from 0.01 to 200 m3 that convert steroidal raw materials into a variety of intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).

Bayer AG has designed its chemical works as multipurpose units that can be interconnected, which allows for bulk-scale production of a variety of different chemicals. Batch production can be performed in 0.5 to 8 m3 reactors and can include isolation steps where required.

Our production units are equipped with state-of-the-art process control systems. This allows a wide range of organic chemical reactions and subsequent physical process technology to be performed with optimum efficiency and to high quality standards.

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